‘Wait, What Does That Mean?’ – Defining Today’s Most Popular Web Marketing Buzzwords

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If you’re just getting started in the world of internet marketing and website design, there may have been some “buzzwords” or jargon that you’ve heard and don’t really understand. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are many topics and terms exclusive to the realm of web marketing that can be a bit confusing. We’ve chosen three of the most popular terms to define. Check them out!

  1. Lead Generation
    This marketing tactic?s sole purpose is to develop interest in a product or service. The content is designed to capture the audience?s attention and show the way to the business or webpage. The ?leads? are the sales leads, or contacts/demographic information of a customer. By utilizing leads, a business hopes to turn those contacts into customers and generate sales. In the world of internet marketing, some examples of lead generation are e-newsletters, rewards or loyalty programs, and member acquisition programs.
    With the booming popularity of social media, many marketing companies turn to websites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook to attract customers and lead them to their products website.
  2. Pay Per Click
    Pay Per Click is another form of internet advertising. The goal here is to increase web traffic. Advertisers pay the publisher of the website each time an ad is clicked. In this model, the advertiser is really only paying for the traffic they get from people who are actively clicking and visiting their site. The most popular types of Pay Per Click advertising are website banners or images and search engine links and is a key component of SEO services.
  3. Ruby on Rails
    Rails is a web application used in web design. It makes programming web applications easier by providing a coding framework for websites. Ruby is simply the code language it is written in on the rails application. This type of coding in website design allows the developer to get a lot done quickly. By taking a default template, the developer can easily customize the site for the client for extreme productivity.

What did you think these terms meant? Did you already know their definition? Tell us in the comments below! More on this topic.

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