What You Can Do To Protect Yourself From A Fire

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Fires can occur in many different ways even just within the typical residential home. Improper electronic use is one large cause of fires, as too is recklessness with cooking. Cooking actually accounts for many non residential fires as well, with very nearly 30% being linked to cooking in some way. And up to 11% of all unintended fires seen outside of the typical home location can be traced back to carelessness is some way. From grease fires to electrical fires to misuse of fire leading to the spread of one, many fires can be traced back to many different root causes.

Knowing that, it is perhaps not surprising that fires are very common indeed. In fact, a fire within a structure (known as a structure fire) occurred once for just about every minute in the year of 2017 alone. A new home fire broke out every 88 seconds or so in that same year, and an outside property fire occurred every 51 seconds (the most common of them all). In some cases, these fires were able to be mitigated and then extinguished. However, this is not always the case.

The toll that fires take can be a very high one indeed. Sadly, people lose their lives to fires all too frequently. In hotel and motel related fires alone, as many as 15 people will die throughout the course of the typical year, and this is just within one category of fire. Others will die as a result of the fire, but from smoke inhalation. And many will become trapped in a burning structure and will never be able to escape. Sadly, the death toll of fires is higher than one might think.

Injuries, of course, are also very common when it comes to fires. Among that same category of hotel and motel fires, as many as 150 people will become injured on a yearly basis. On a larger scale and encompassing all different types of fires, this number is quite a great deal higher, of this there is just no doubt. Sadly, recovering from a burn injury sustained in a fire can be tremendously painful and difficult, something that creates a drain on overall quality of life for quite a great deal of time indeed. For some people, a serious burn will never be fully healed from and they will deal with the consequences of such a burn for truly the rest of their lives.

Small fires that start in a home or other structure can also spread and even lead to wildfires. After all, just about every wildfire out there will start with a much smaller fire that simply burned out of control. Sadly, wildfires can take a tremendous toll not only on our already fragile environment, but on the lives of the many people who lose their homes to such natural disasters. Already, fires even outside of wildfires cost more than $10 billion in property damage on a yearly basis.

Fortunately, there are ways that we can stop fires in their tracks. The use of a fire protection sprinkler that has gone through fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations can be hugely effective indeed. After all, these fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations can ensure that the fire sprinkler in question is working correctly. And you can learn how to conduct fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations quite easily, as fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations will be taught in the typical fire sprinkler online training course. Hiring fire sprinkler companies and fire sprinkler contractors to conduct these fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations on a regular basis is also a good idea, as skilled professionals with experience in fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations will be likely to do a much better job than the typical lay person might.

And the impact of fire sprinklers has been quite tremendous indeed. Ever since automatic fire sprinkler design first came into being back in the year of 1874, it has been effective at reducing the prevalence of fires. Of course, fire sprinklers (especially once fire sprinkler hydraulic calculations have been conducted) are more high tech than ever before, doing a better job at preventing the spread of fires than ever as well. They even reduce water used for fighting fires by up to 90%.

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