Why is Mobile Web Design So Important?

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Partnering with a web design firm can be one of the most important marketing decisions that businesses make. The obvious reason for this can be attributed to the increasing influence of the internet. As we begin 2014, about 80% of the American population depends on the internet for a variety of essential, daily tasks.

For this reason, ever business and organization needs to invest in the best custom web design services as possible. While it once once good enough for businesses just to have a working websites that included the basic information internet patrons were looking for, time have definitely changed. In fact, internet technology has improved to the point that nearly 95% of web users form their first impression of businesses based upon their web design.

However, the importance of web design and web development reaches well beyond aesthetics, especially since approximately 55% of online shopping is done via mobile devices. A recent survey actually found that nearly half of all web users think less about companies whose websites are not mobile friendly. Therefore, if your business web site design is not friendly with smartphones you are not only making a bad impression, but you are losing a lot of money.

In this day and age partnering with a web design firm should be considered an elementary part of running a business. This is as true for new small businesses as it is for immense multinational global conglomerate companies. After all, we are living in an era when over 66% of mobile shoppers expect webpages to load within four seconds.

If you own a business an your mobile web design is not up to snuff, you are only doing a disservice to your business. But at least your competitors will be happy! So why not consider partnering with a web design firm that can work the smirks right off their faces?

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