Why Website Design is Crucial To Your Success As a Business

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With the popularity of the internet today, a company must be successful in their online presence. They must find a way to engage with their internet users and to provide information to potential customers on the internet. People are turning to the internet for reviews, contact information and even pricing and services offered. Without a website that is both user friendly and appealing, a potential customer may choose to visit another competitor company. The website design of a company is more important than you might think. The website design must include a variety of information pieces and a convenient way to contact the company for information. Custom website development is ideal to have a successful online presence.

In addition to the web design of a webpage, it must also work properly. Most people who use the internet for their main source of information do not have patience to wait longer than normal for a webpage to work. In fact, 40% of people will abandon a web page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. Having too many graphics or too many links on the main page can slow down a page if it is not designed properly. A website solutions company, however, has the ability to design a webpage that offers a lot of engaging information on the main page, without slowing it down. With so many other options on the internet available in seconds, people will simply move onto the next company?s webpage, losing you business and potential customers.

The type of information that is portrayed on the main page is also very important. It is the first page that your potential customers will see and you will want to grab their attention and encourage them to continue clicking through your webpage. The website design can be used in a variety of ways to achieve this. A Study of Fortune 500 websites shows that 63% have content above the fold, 50% feature a scrolling content window of some kind, 63% use high quality images that connect with their users and the average loading time is 6.5 seconds. The type of graphics and the content that is used on your main page will depend entirely on the type of business and the type of customers that you are attempting to reach. Custom web development services are a great resource to consult with on individual graphics and content for a website design.

Not only does a great website design encourage your potential customers to remain on your page longer, it makes your entire company seem more reputable. According to web credibility research from Stanford, 75% of users admit to making judgments about a company?s credibility based on their website?s design. If the website design is slow and lacking any relevant or engaging content, the company may appear to be unsuccessful and uncaring of its customers. Additionally, if they are not internet savvy, they may lose younger generations of customers who prefer to find information and reviews about a company on the internet. A website design company is crucial in moving and keeping a business successful in our internet era of time.

As times change, so will the way we market and reach new customers. Today, the internet and social media are a huge part of many people?s lives. They are constantly checking into social media and are looking for a company?s webpage when they want information about a specific business. It is important for a company to have an online presence and to have a great online website design. The design needs to be engaging and the website itself needs to run properly and quickly. Without these factors, a business can get lost in old times and fail to see any new customers.

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