Four Ways Using IT Consulting Companies Can Improve Your Business

Managed services

As a recent study by KPMG points out, the tech industry continues to be one of the most important drivers of the American economy. 24% of American tech businesses pull in a revenue of over $10 billion. The fact is that whether you are a tech company producing and selling mobile technologies, now used by more than 56% of American adults, according to Pew Internet, or a social media giant like Facebook, using managed IT services may be a huge part of the recipe for your company’s success. Here’s why 37% of small and medium sized businesses have already turned to IT consulting companies.

Commerce is Moving Online, Does Your Mobile Site Shape Up?

Website designer

Did you know that, according to the American Life Project and Pew Internet, almost 50% of Americans are using a smartphone? With nearly half of U.S. internet users browsing the web on their smartphones, designing an effective website is more difficult than ever. Modern websites demand ease of use, but users also demand that websites transition, seamlessly, from desktop computers to handheld mobile devices. How are top web design companies rising to the challenge?

Keeping It Simple

The bar is not very high. Most “mobile optimized websites” are done pretty poorly. Nearly half, or 48% of, American smartphone and tablet owners admit that they get annoyed visiting poorly designed Continue reading Commerce is Moving Online, Does Your Mobile Site Shape Up?