Commerce is Moving Online, Does Your Mobile Site Shape Up?

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Did you know that, according to the American Life Project and Pew Internet, almost 50% of Americans are using a smartphone? With nearly half of U.S. internet users browsing the web on their smartphones, designing an effective website is more difficult than ever. Modern websites demand ease of use, but users also demand that websites transition, seamlessly, from desktop computers to handheld mobile devices. How are top web design companies rising to the challenge?

Keeping It Simple

The bar is not very high. Most “mobile optimized websites” are done pretty poorly. Nearly half, or 48% of, American smartphone and tablet owners admit that they get annoyed visiting poorly designed mobile sites, and that gives you a lot of room to work with. Professional web development holds two things above all else, user friendly interfaces and ease of navigation. In other words, the best advice is to keep it simple. Web application development helps keep things simple, and easy to navigate.

Choosing Your Words Carefully

Some of the most important elements of graphic design have little to do with graphics. Copywriters and SEO experts first determine “buzzwords,” or the best words to catch readers’ eyes. From there, a designer will create a graphic surrounding those top keywords. Graphics also need to be simpler, and sticking to a few well chosen words helps. Why? Details may not translate well on smaller, mobile device screens. Great content encourages 61% of consumers to make final purchases, so it only makes sense to apply some of the same principles, like key terms and buzzwords, to graphics and images.

In just a few years, or by 2015, mobile spending is expected to reach $119 billion. That alone should have companies’ attention. Businesses need to perfect web application development, designing sites that are simple to navigate, content that is easy to read, and graphics that make the most of attention grabbing keywords. Research more like this: Calgary web developer

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Allan Herrera

Jul 7, 2014, 3:36 pm

I read somewhere that most small businesses still don’t have websites. At this rate, mobile apps are going to put them out of business if they don’t catch up! Honestly, though, most mobile sites are still really poorly done. I get frustrated with my fair share.

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