Four Ways Using IT Consulting Companies Can Improve Your Business

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Managed services

As a recent study by KPMG points out, the tech industry continues to be one of the most important drivers of the American economy. 24% of American tech businesses pull in a revenue of over $10 billion. The fact is that whether you are a tech company producing and selling mobile technologies, now used by more than 56% of American adults, according to Pew Internet, or a social media giant like Facebook, using managed IT services may be a huge part of the recipe for your company’s success. Here’s why 37% of small and medium sized businesses have already turned to IT consulting companies.

  • Security
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    One of the most important roles IT consulting companies currently play is “the protector”. Consider, the FBI reports that there were 280,000 cases of cybercrime in the U.S. in 2012. According to Ponemon Institute, those attacks cost some businesses $46 million dollars. IT professional services can help create an ironclad network to protect your company’s precious data.

  • Tech Support
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    Tech companies are not immune to their own problems with technology. Do you remember when SONY was hacked in 2011? According to Wired, that cost the company a whopping $170 million dollars. Much of that cost was due to pains the company took to restructure its systems. Utilizing IT oursourcing companies gives you access to structured technologies and tech support to ensure that any tech issues, whether from a hostile entity or a simple malfunction, are dealt with quickly and effectively.

  • Customer Trouble Shooting Solutions
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    Every technology company of every type has to consider customer service. Why? The fact is that no matter how good technology is you cannot underestimate the ability of customers to misinterpret how it works, or, for that matter, the possibility that your technology will experience a technical issue that concerns your users. Managed services can provide you with high quality customer service trouble shooting services.

  • Customizability
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    While all tech businesses need security, tech support, and trouble shooting services, the fact is some need more than that. It consulting companies can provide many other features to their clients, including website hosting services, voice over internet protocols, and many other services to meet their clients’ needs. In this way, IT consulting companies are extremely flexible.

By 2014, it is estimated, 90% of businesses in the United States will have purchased the work of managed service providers. Considering their flexibility in services provided, whether it is for security, customer service, or tech support, that is not terribly surprising. If your company needs help, use a reputable managed services team to get what you need. Helpful sites.


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Alex Rose

Jul 7, 2014, 1:45 pm

It is insane how far we’ve come in terms of needing web security. Must be some kind of universal law. For everything that exists, you must defend it against jerks.

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