Loose Pharmacy Regulations End In Tragic Deaths

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Who is Emily Jerry, and how did a series of pharmacy errors end up unnecessarily costing the young girl her life? Too few Americans realize just how important pharmacy regulations and pharmacy point of sale systems can be — and one Ohio pharmacy learned that the hard way. How did an Ohio pharmacy kill a two year old girl?

Ohio Pharmacy Tech Dooms Young Girl To Die

What is Emily Jerry’s story? When Emily was just one and a half years old, doctors diagnosed her with a tumor in her abdomen. The tumor was huge — the size of a grapefruit, according to her father. Even so, after several rounds of chemotherapy, Emily showed remarkable improvement. In fact, her cancer was all but gone. Just days after, however, Emily died. How could this have happened?

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Four Tips for Setting up a Home Server Solution

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Are you a gamer who is sick and tired of having to rely on others to host matches of the latest game you’re into? Are you a family man who wants a simple way to store and stream movies and music throughout the house for his family to enjoy? Either way, setting up a home server can help you meet your goals.

Consider, by setting up your own rack computers and getting a home server online, you can host your own games without having to worry about taking any performance away from your gaming rig. A home server will allow you to store countless movies, family photos, music, and more, allowing you to access it from anywhere in the house. Of course, to take advantage of either of these things, you need to know how to set up a safe, reliable server. That’s where these tips come into play.

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