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Three Great Reasons to Use Social Media Marketing

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To some businesses, social media marketing seems silly. Who cares about getting “likes,” “shares,” and “followers,” when there are bigger things to be concerned about, like increasing revenue? What these companies don’t realize is that social media marketing does help businesses improve their sales. If it didn’t, why then would any company in their right mind continue using it?

Here are a few ways that, when used correctly, social media marketing can make businesses stronger.

Brand Recognition.

Social media marketing is, by and large, a tool to develop a company’s brand. It allows you to decide just exactly how you want to portray yourself to potential customers. You can be absolutely professional or more informal and laid back. By posting great content, you can creat

You May Want to Invest Answering Services for Your Small Business

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Do you run your own small business, but your infrastructure is somewhat limited? You may find that you could benefit from a small business answering service so that you can more readily respond to the questions, concerns, and requests of customers.

The industry that includes live telephone answering services has brought in about $10 billion in America, and a little less than 24,500 Americans work in this and related fields, with about 1,107 companies in the country that focus on things like Continue Reading No Comments

TV Advertising — Worth It or Not?

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In recent years, online marketing has emerged as a solid way to promote any company. Millions of people log into the web on a daily basis to check email, conduct searches, and buy products online. With the explosion of mobile devices, people are more connected than ever before.

But for critics that say this means TV commercial advertising is being eclipsed by internet marketing, research shows that this is not necessarily the case. In fact, the number one way Americans find out about new products is through advertising on TV, and with almost 100% of American homes filled with at least one TV, the likelihood that these TV sets are being