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Three Ways Advertising Agencies Have Adjusted For the Digital Age

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The Internet continues to attract more and more consumers, and as a result, more and more companies are seeking the help of digital advertising agencies in order to reach this growing Internet community. Advertising has grown and adjusted with this major transition to the Internet, and the industry has developed a number of new methods for targeting consumers online. Traditional promotions marketing techniques have been altered to work over the Internet, as have many other types of traditional advertising methods. Some of the most important new strategies being used by digital advertising agencies today include:

  1. Pay Per Click Advertising – Pay per click advertising is when an advertiser pays a search engine every time a search engine user clicks on the link for the

How Cost Efficient Is the Cloud?

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Colocation services

Cloud hosting is cost efficient. That much has become apparent in recent years. Surveys have found that 82% of companies saved money after switching from their former dedicated server hosting solutions to cloud hosting services, that 25% of companies reduced their IT costs thanks to cloud servers, and that 55% of companies became more efficient thanks to cloud hosting servers.

However, no study has accurately measured just how cost efficient cloud hosting proves to be. Until now, that is.

451 Research has recently launched a new Cloud Price Index that examines the cost of cloud hosting and computing over time. Based off of data from the period of October 1st to November 1st, this new CPI has found that the current avera