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Three Money Saving Questions You Need to Ask a Business Printing Service Before Finalizing a Project

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Stop the presses! Literally! Before you OK any project, you first need to ask the business printing service a few things. Otherwise, the project may wind up costing you a whole lot more than you thought it would.

If We Make It a Little Bit Smaller, How Much Would That Save?

Believe it or not, you can save a ton of money just by switching the size of your project so that a smaller printer can create it. The smaller the size, the less materials the business printing service will use, which obviously means the less you’ll be charged. What’s more, smaller projects are also faster to turn around, so you’ll not only save money, but save time, too.

Are You Sure That’s Enough?

Business printing services usually charge a lot more for a second printing than the

The Top 3 Questions about PPC Marketing, Answered

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The best way to bring qualified visitors to your company’s website is to improve your rankings on search engines through a process called search engine optimization. But if your organic SEO company isn’t providing results quickly enough, you may want to look into supplementing SEO efforts with a pay-per-click campaign. Here’s what you need to know about this marketing tactic, summed up in three simplified answers to the most common PPC-related questions:

  1. What Is PPC?

    PPC refers to a pricing model in which you only pay each time your ad or link is clicked on, no matter how many times it is displayed or viewed. There are a few different platforms for PPC ad

Why Companies Need to Incorporate Creative Graphics in Order to Create Brand Awareness

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Most people would recognize the “swoosh” symbol that represents Nike, or Coca Cola’s infamous red and white logo, before even seeing the company name. This isn’t due to some sort of psychic abilities we’ve developed over time, as cool as that would be, but rather from years of dedicated branding and advertising efforts. Companies strive to reach the enormous recognition that brands like Nike and Coca Cola have achieved over the years and would love for consumers all over the world to recognize them without ever seeing their company’s name. Creating brand awareness is an essential part of a company’s success, and it’s something that any company can obtain.

What is Brand Awareness?

Branding is the process of creating and promoting a special and unique design that separates