How Cost Efficient Is the Cloud?

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Cloud hosting is cost efficient. That much has become apparent in recent years. Surveys have found that 82% of companies saved money after switching from their former dedicated server hosting solutions to cloud hosting services, that 25% of companies reduced their IT costs thanks to cloud servers, and that 55% of companies became more efficient thanks to cloud hosting servers.

However, no study has accurately measured just how cost efficient cloud hosting proves to be. Until now, that is.

451 Research has recently launched a new Cloud Price Index that examines the cost of cloud hosting and computing over time. Based off of data from the period of October 1st to November 1st, this new CPI has found that the current average cost of running a multi-service cloud application is just $2.56 per hour, which is around $1,850 per month.

At this hourly price for a cloud hosting application, which could easily deliver more than 100,000 page views per month, it’s easy to see why so many businesses are choosing to put their websites in the cloud.

Doing the math, it means that companies realistically spend $2.56 — nearly half the cost of a McDonald’s Big Mac sandwich — to get a whopping 137 page views.

If your website isn’t using this incredible hosting service, then it’s time to pull your site from the rock it’s been living under and put it in the clouds. Once you do, you’ll find that you’ll have more room in the budget, more time for your IT department to take of more critical tasks, and a more efficient company.

If you have any questions about using the cloud to host your website or other web-based applications, then please feel free to ask in the comments. If you have anything else to offer, please feel free to share as well.

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