The 5 Types of Signage Your Retail Store Needs

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Outdoor signage and marketing materials are an important part of bringing customers into a storefront. But once they’re there, how do you get them to buy things? Of course, you’ll need to do research on the products your customers want and the appropriate price points. But you should also think about how your indoor signage and branding contribute to sales. Here are five types of signs you might want to include in your retail space:

  1. Directional and Aisle Signs

    Department and aisle signs are the place to start. Make sure that your customers won’t have to search to find what they want; you don’t want them to get frustrated and give up. You should make sure that your aisle signs are attractive, but they should be readable above all, with large printing and contrasting colors. Your print company should be able to help you choose the appropriate font size based on the height of your ceilings and size of your store.

  2. Branding Messages

    Branding signs don’t all have to be literal signs; it’s likely that a digital printing company in your area can print custom floor or wall graphics that you can use for the same purpose. But regardless of the medium, the most important thing to remember with your branding is that everything should be consistent, both in appearance and message.

  3. Informational Postings

    Info signs let customers know about things they might not otherwise notice. This might be more about a product (that it’s fair trade or sustainably sourced, perhaps), or it could be an advertisement of an upcoming event or educational opportunity. Either way, this is your opportunity to put products into a wider context and draw customers in.

  4. Sales and Promotions

    Price will be an issue for almost any customer, so sale signs can be an incredibly effective way of boosting sales. It helps for sales signs, whether they’re on individual products or marking entire areas, to be visible from a distance away. This will attract customers who might not have even looked at that rack or shelf otherwise.

  5. Customer Service

    Customers should never struggle to find the customer service area, so you should have either hanging or wall-mounted signs that are visible from every area of the store. You should also clearly mark facilities such as changing rooms or restrooms.

What other kind of signage in retail environments can make the customer experience better — and lead to better sales for your business? Discuss these suggestions and share your own in the comments.

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