Are You Able to Access the Digital Technology That You Need at Work?

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Finding a way to make sure that you are always able to present your video and digital information is often dependent on the need for HDMI plates for walls. Whether you are at home, at the office, or on the road, the use of HDMI plates for walls allow you to make sure that you are always ready to share the information that you have spent hours preparing.

Although there are many kinds of digital WiFi options in many locations, it is important to realize that there will be times when the digital access that you need will not be available. Whether you are preparing to present a new budget to a sales team or you are getting ready to present the newest reading curriculum to an auditorium full of teachers, it is important that you can access the information that you wan to present. With the right electronic and computer accessories, however, you can make sure that you are always ready to present.

Finding the Right Electronic Components Allows You to Present in Any Environment

There was a time when work simply involved face to face meetings and one to one or group meeting in the same room. Today, however, that is not the case. Nearly every job, in fact, relies on technology. Without technology, in fact, you cannot access the emails that are needed to communicate with people in your own office, as well as others around the globe. The latest technologies, in fact, enable groups to meet online and in virtual offices. Consider these facts and figures about the many times and places when we rely on technology for our workdays and recreational times as well:

  • 33% of churches now use video clips during the worship service, according to The Clergy Journal. In addition, more than 33% of churches use a slide presentation tool such as PowerPoint.
  • 90% American adults use the Internet, according to the Pew Research Center.
  • Even though 10 Mbps (Megabits per second) ethernet cable is suitable most personal use, network cables rated up to 100 Mbps can also be used to achieve internet connections that are faster.
  • Exceeding approximately four times the outside diameter of the cable, most Category 5 cables can be bent at any radius.
  • The maximum recommended length for most Cat5 and Cat6 Ethernet cables is 328 feet, the equivalent of 100 meters.

Staying digitally connected is essential in almost all parts of our lives: from work to free time to recreational time.

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