Choosing a Digital Marketing Firm? Don’t Forget These Three Key Questions

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In today’s business market, any company that wants to grow simply must have a strong social media presence. Choosing a digital marketing firm to handle this aspect of the company needs to be carefully undertaken to see the best results. The top three keys to remember are: experience, coordination, and measurability.

Choosing a Digital Marketing Firm Is Decided By Asking the Right Questions.

Perhaps before your company even meets with any prospective digital marketing company, it would be best to decide what the desired outcome with be. The clearer this statement is the easier the selection process will be, but it will also help guide the team you ultimately choose to design the right strategy to meet those goals.

How Much Experience In the Industry Does the Marketing Firm Have?

When choosing a digital marketing firm, go for experience over fresh new comers. In some industries, unpredictable innovations and creativity might yield excellent results. In marketing, it is better to have a team that has made mistakes and learned from them. This doesn’t mean you need to choose a firm that doesn’t favor utilizing all the benefits digital marketing can offer.

Online marketing includes search engine optimization (SEO services), but also making good use of social media marketing as well. Old-fashioned outbound leads such as print advertising or direct mail only produce about a 1.7% return. SEO pulls in about 14.6% close rate comparatively. This isn’t to say that there aren’t still other methods to attract more page views. In fact, 53% of digital marketing firms prefer blog posts for inbound leads.

Why Coordination Matters In a Digital Marketing Campaign.

The second concern when choosing a digital marketing firm is arranging proper coordination with the marketing firm and the company. After all, they are a part of the company and a key piece of the marketing strategy. To not prioritize communication between the digital marketing employees within the bigger marketing picture results in a disjointed effort that will not create the best results.

A solid online presence is nearly a requirement of all businesses in today’s market. For larger companies, hiring an outside digital marketing firm can be a good idea, but only if the results are measurable. This might take the form of more page views, or an increase in sales. Choosing a digital marketing firm will require a clear statement of what the desired result will be.

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