The Benefits of Using Office 365

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Over the past ten years or so, the industry of technology has grown and expanded in ways that many did not think possible. Technology has managed to reach into so many different everyday aspects of our lives. This includes the process of taking photographs, the process of communicating by texting and email, and even the types of software used by businesses in terms of digital production.

There are so many office 365 benefits that come along with buying the Microsoft product. Office 365 basically bundles all of the key core products that Microsoft provides including Word, Powerpoint, and Excel. These are the most commonly used digital software across the world. Here are the many office 365 benefits that can help your business in terms of organization, success, and overall production.

In the year of 2016, there was a reported number of 60 million monthly commercial Office 365 customers. This statistic helps shine a light on how many believe there is some office help that comes along with using Office 365. Reports have also shown that every single month more than 50,000 small businesses will become customers of Office 365 so that they can enjoy the Office 365 benefits.

Nearly 75% of all large businesses, meaning they have over 4,000 employees, will run Office 365 exclusively. This is amazing to think about because if you allow yourself to enjoy the Office 365 benefits, you will become compatible with so many other businesses. Also, keep in mind that Office 365 benefits can be installed on up to 15 devices per user.

The number of people using Office 365 increased a whopping 320% from the third quarter of 2015 to the second quarter of 2016. This is because now, one in every five corporate employees will be using an Office 365 cloud service. Just about 60% of all sensitive data in the cloud is stored in Office documents which will include 30% of it being kept in Excel alone.

In Conclusion

There is no question that if you want your business to truly be successful you need to allow your employees and yourself to experience the Office 365 benefits. There are so many ways in which tech services, technology helps, and Office 365 support can help you and your business grow along with technology. Technology is only going to continue to grow as time goes on, which means that more and more people are going to be willing to use and engage with this type of technology. It allows your business to work in a much more fluid manner and allows people to have access to important documents at all times.

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