Document Management Software Improves Billing Services for Mental Health care Providers

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Psychology billing software

Are you a mental health care provider looking to improve your mental health billing service or behavioral health billing services? You need to seek out a software company that can give you a total billing solution that will keep you free from insurance hassles and professional in front of your patients. With a web-based practice management system, you will be able to have an unlimited number of users and sites have secure access to your mental health practice anytime, anyway, from their PC, laptop, or mobile device. You will more easily be able to bill insurance companies the same day you see a patient, pursue unpaid insurance claims to collection, resolve denied insurance claims, track managed care authorizations, secure, protect, and backup your sensitive data, organize clinical notes, and it’s HIPAA 5010 compliant.

Electronic management software offered by software companies will also boost the efficiency of your practice with e-claims. E-claims have a faster turnaround time that traditional paper forms. In fact, about 69% of electronic forms only take 7 days to process, while only 27% of paper forms are processed in the same amount of time. It’s also cheaper! E-claims generally only cost $2.90 to process, while it’s paper counterpart can cost about $6.63 to process.

Have a secure management system where you can organize all the files and data of your practice is a good way to ensure to security of your practice because many document management systems provide data security by requiring login credentials to access the systems. This is a good feature when you consider that the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services currently indicates that 24% of data breaches are because of laptop theft. With a management system in place, would be hackers will have a very difficult — possibly impossible — time accessing your practice’s information and sensitive documents.

Integrating a document management system with your mental health billing service will also save your practice money because you won’t have to continue using outdated paper processes. You’ll be able to cut down on your paper and storage costs, which can have a positive impact on the prices you charge your patients. And considering that nearly 15% of people suffering from mental health issues don’t seek proper treatment because of the high costs, it’s a good idea to cut costs where you can to help make your services more affordable.

There are many benefits to going the paperless, electronic route. In fact, it seems to be the way of the future. Companies and businesses across the country are beginning to implement document management systems of their own, so why not implement one to improve your mental health billing service? They’re user friendly and the affordability and efficiency will go a long way making your employees and patients happier. Fortunately for you, there are a lot of software service companies in the U.S. just waiting for you to call and request one.

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