Encouraging College Applications 101

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College applications can be one of the most dreaded topics of conversations for recent high school graduates. This day in age, the options of colleges and majors are astronomical, and the building pressure can cause any student to break a sweat just thinking about making a choice. Thus, colleges need to make extended efforts to reach and recruits new students to attend their education programs. Many institutes are adopting higher education admissions software, while others put a bigger focus on maintaining a close relationship with the student. The most successful ones tend to invest in both! This video illustrates some more ideas for student recruitment on and off-campus.

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Some proposed ideas include live chats, seamless application processes, and hiring experts in the field vs. experts only in teaching in general. The idea of making experts the heads of classes is an interesting one because many times experts do not have time in their day to invest in growing a whole class of people. Additionally, seamless applications would include incorporating different payment methods for higher education. This would make paying for school more achievable and within sight for many students. As time goes on, we will hopefully see colleges incorporate more and more smart campaigns to recruit new students.


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