These Minecraft 1.19 Mods Make Storage a Breeze!

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Have you found that storage either gets complicated or messy in your Minecraft world over time? It seems like you either have a large number of disorganized chests or have some sort of elaborate sorting system. What if you could have the best of both worlds where you can store a large number of items without all the trouble. Now you can with these 1.19 Minecraft mods. These mods are sure to take your Minecraft dedicated server to the next level.

The first mod is the useful backpacks mod. This mod adds different tiers of backpacks into the game.

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Each tier can subsequently carry more and more items. However, the larger backpacks also come with sorting functionality and addons. For example, you could have your large backpack suck up cobblestone or dirt from mining directly into it so that it does not clog up your inventory. This means that you will be able to stay down in the mines for longer.

Iron Chests Restocks is another great storage mod for Minecraft 1.19. It adds a number of new chests based on different ores. Each chest has a different number of storage slots based on the rarity of the ore from which it is created. For example, a diamond chest with have a lot more slots than an iron chest. This is a remake of the classic Iron Chests mod and is sure to be a favorite.


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