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On-page optimization

Having an Internet presence is vital to business success in our media-driven society. With more than 100 billion web searches conducted each month, it is a challenge for business operators to draw visitors to their website. Given that 93 % of Internet visitors initially use a search engine to locate needed information, search engine optimization is an important factor to the success of a business.

SEO Agencies; Your Guide to Internet Success

Business owners often enlist the services of a seo agency to have their websites appear as close to the top of the first page of the search results. Research has shown that 75% of web surfers do not look beyond the first page of search results, working with a reputable seo company is vital.

Creative Momentum is an Atlanta seo agency
that is dedicated to maximizing your website’s potential to draw visitors. Not only do they perform such tasks as keyword research to enhance your site’s search ranking, they can help design a website that is both impressive and user-friendly. Being that nearly 46 % of web users judge a company’s reputation by the design of their website, having a well-designed site can be a great business asset.

Go Mobile with Creative Momentum

Sixty-two percent of companies with a mobile-friendly website have reported an increase in sales over those with a standard site. Nearly half of web-surfing consumers reported that they feel a company is lacking concern for their customers if their site is not mobile.

Creative Momentum can help design a website that is fully functional as both a standard and mobile based web presence.

There’s More

Creative Momentum can also create interactive webpages, digital marketing campaigns and graphic/logo design. Their expert team can also assist with branding, advertising and strategic planning.

Your success is part of their success. Contact creative Momentum for seo services and a comprehensive list of website services.

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