Hire the Right Electrical Contracting Company

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Power outages cause a lot of problems in the United States. They cost nearly $80 billion a year. Several times a year, parts of the country will experience a short blackout. These incidents cost the economy between $104 and $164 billion. When a call center experiences downtime, it will cost the company more than $50,000 per hour, according to a USA Today survey. Given that the average outage lasts about 200 minutes, that is a of money. It is crucial that businesses have go to the right electrical contracting service for to set up back-ups for all their systems and install an uninterruptible power supply system.

What is the best way to hire commercial electrical contracting companies? Here are some guidelines to help.

  1. Map out your specific needs. There are different kinds of electrical contracting services. Most companies need someone to put together a power back up system that includes the networks (wireless and other), security system, storage and other. Make sure the electrical contracting company can install an uninterruptible power supply.
  2. Shop around for quotes. Talk to a few different contracting companies and get their. Also ask about their experience level. Remember the price should be a factor in your decision but not the only factor. The cheapest company you find may not be the right one for you and the most expensive may not actually offer more than other companies.
  3. Check credentials and references. Make sure whoever you hire has the correct certifications and insurance. You can check with the Better Business Bureau. Ask around. You may know someone who has used them. Also check online. Check Yelp and Facebook. Many towns have “word of mouth” Facebook groups where local residents talk about goods and services in the area. If there is no listing for the companies you are talking to, ask the group. Ask the contracting company for references, they may also have testimonials on their website.

While many companies know they should pay attention to IT security, many do not actually do anything to protect their data or networks. Less than 30% of organizations say they use cloud storage for their data. That’s too bad because one power outage that results in the loss of data has the potential to end a small business. If there is any kind of natural disaster, the United States has the most volatile weather on the planet, unless a company has been backing everything up, they can lose all or most of their data in one afternoon.

Prevention is the best way to deal with possible data breaches or power lost. By backing up systems regularly, less can be lost in the event of a power outage. Moreover, the cloud is an economical way to store information but more and more companies are moving their operations to that platform.

As human error is a big cause for most data breaches, it is impossible to prevent 100% of data lost but it is possible to limit the chances it will happen to your company. Doing research into companies that can install security and electrical systems that can protect your networks will make you feel better about anyone you hire. More information like this.

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