Which Do You Prefer–Quality or Quantity?

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Quality or quantity? Which is best? It’s a question that comes up pretty often in life. Is it better to do many reps of the same exercise, or is it more important to focus on the quality of just a few repetitions of that exercise? Should you buy 18 pairs of shoes that catch your eye because of their bold color and style, or is it better to purchase one classic pair of shoes that cost more, but will likely last for years?

The answer, of course, lies somewhere in the middle. Success will always be an equal combination of both quality and quantity.

Just because you snapped more pictures than any other parent at the most recent gymnastics meet, does not necessarily mean that you have the best shot of your daughter’s vault, uneven bars, balance beam, or floor photo. The real secret is to have the perfectly stopped motion photo of the double layout dismount off the bars AND many other good pictures that capture the emotion and the physical exertion of the 33 second routine. Did you have a fast enough shutter so that even her toes were in focus during the final layout of the routine AND get the look of relief and joy when she stuck the landing?

It’s a little like search engine optimization (SEO) writing. How do you find the best SEO company Phoenix? Is the real secret to have the most links to the 27 million pieces of online content shared each day, or is the best way to get people to your website to have the very best writing that really makes potential customers stop, read, and take notice? When research indicates that 75% of users never scroll past the first page of search results, you know that you have to use an SEO company Phoenix if you want to be the top listing in Arizona. Is it enough, however, to have hundreds of articles leading customers to your site if none of the writing is of any real quality?

The best SEO services for small businesses as well as large corporations, of course, will provide you with both–quality and quantity. Both national and local SEO services should be able to provide you with enough content generated text that your website’s name should be one of the top five most used anchor texts. If not, you are not spending your money in the right way. Local SEO companies must offer you memorable writing pieces, while at the same time generating a high volume of these pieces for you to have the internet presence that you need.

Whether you are searching for an SEO company Phoenix or an SEO company Omaha, your goal should be the same–quality content in the quantity you need to push your large or small business to the top of any internet search.

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