How Automated Telephone Answering Services Help Businesses Do More Business

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Small business telephone answering service

In the business world there will always be competitors fighting to take your customer base away from you. Perhaps your competitors are able to generate more revenue, market to customers better, or are just more handsome than your guys — these are areas where you can make little impact. The problem that most businesses make is that they are unable to offer satisfactory customer assistance, which plays a bigger role on the consumer than many might thing.

The Importance of Customer Service
It makes sense when you think about it: consumers shop based on a combination of need, convenience, and experience. Nearly 45% of online shoppers will abandon an online purchase if their questions and concerns are not immediately addressed, while 78% of those who had a bad customer experience have not followed through with the intended purchase. Although 81% of consumers stated that they would return following a good customer service, 59% said they would try a different brand or company following a bad customer experience. Nearly half of surveyed customers agreed that they would pay more for a better customer service experience.

Always Available
While many companies have their employees directly answer the phone, who are customers to contact while your business is closed? Hiring a live operator answering service means that your customers will have access to a professional 24/7 answering service that can better help at any time of day. In many cases a professional answering service will offer phone and email support; this is crucial as only 27% of email inquires are answered correctly to resolve the customer’s problem. An automated telephone answering service on the other hand allows customers to self-direct their calls to certain departments or personnel, making a virtual telephone answering service a vital time-saver for many companies. Recent studies show that it takes around 12 positive customer service experiences to make up for a single bad experience. Make sure each and every one of your customer’s experiences is consistently good with an automated telephone answering service.

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