Unlocking The Internet Floodgates How To Make The Most Out Of Your Website

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The basics of search engine optimization

If you ask kids these days how to do something or where to find an item, they’ll mostly likely respond, “Have you Googled it?” The world is experiencing a digital revolution and the Internet is increasingly becoming a go-to source for anything you might need. For businesses, this is important to take note of. Maximizing your Internet presence can do wonders to boost your business, reach more customers, and see your sales skyrocket! However, much of the Internet jargon can seem confusing to people who are new to running a really good website — terms like pay-per-click or SEO or keywords all may seem bewildering. This is where a digital marketing company can step in to help!
It’s All About Design
Most people surfing the web are trying to find something out fast. They want their information as fast as possible. This means they’re usually skimming a website, not really reading, and you want to make your crucial information accessible and easy to find. Indeed, studies have shown that people only read a little over 25% of a website’s contents. A website with small font size, too much text, cluttered graphics, or bad links is sure to see a drop in views. Research shows that you have about 10 seconds to make an impression (either positive or negative) on your customers. If it doesn’t look like you have what they want, they’ll move on.
To be honest, perhaps one of the best web design formats is a more visual one — websites with video content have gotten over 50 billion views a month. A digital marketing company can guide you toward a good web designer or website design services. If you’ve already got a website, no problem! They can often take you through the website redesign process.
What About SEO And Page Rankings?
In addition to having a clean and sleek site, you also want to make sure your newly beautiful and efficient website shows up on that first page of a search engine’s results! The way to do this is to boost your SEO (search engine optimization). This is another place a digital marketing company can come in and offer guidance. They may offer solutions like blogging regularly, using links, or churning out content relevant to your business and its services or products. The better your SEO, the higher up you’ll be in the search engine rankings.
Go Mobile!
Another great way to boost your views is to make sure your website is compatible with mobile devices. With 4/5 of customers doing their shopping and searching on smartphones, you want to make sure you have mobile compatibility. Indeed, almost 50% of all consumers say that if they encounter a site that isn’t compatible with their mobile device, they’ll leave — and assume that the company doesn’t care enough to upgrade their system. Don’t be one of those businesses!
The Internet can open many doors for you, as long as you know the right key to fit in the locks. A digital marketing company can help you unlock those doors with the right strategies and tools.

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