Three Money Saving Questions You Need to Ask a Business Printing Service Before Finalizing a Project

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Stop the presses! Literally! Before you OK any project, you first need to ask the business printing service a few things. Otherwise, the project may wind up costing you a whole lot more than you thought it would.

If We Make It a Little Bit Smaller, How Much Would That Save?

Believe it or not, you can save a ton of money just by switching the size of your project so that a smaller printer can create it. The smaller the size, the less materials the business printing service will use, which obviously means the less you’ll be charged. What’s more, smaller projects are also faster to turn around, so you’ll not only save money, but save time, too.

Are You Sure That’s Enough?

Business printing services usually charge a lot more for a second printing than they do for an extended first run, which in the business is called a “run-on.” If you low-ball your estimate to save money, you may inadvertently wind up spending more. To avoid making such a mistake, bring the business printing service in at the project’s early stages. They’ll be able to help you budget the project properly.

What If We Use a Different Paper?

Before finalizing the project, ask the business printing service if there’s a lower-quality paper that you could be using that wouldn’t reduce the project’s quality all that much. Of course, this largely depends on the amount of ink you’re using. If there’s a lot of black ink on your flyers or brochures, business printing services are going to need to use a heavier stock of paper — a more expensive and higher-quality type of paper — to prevent it from going out of shape during printing.

Whether you’re getting small flyers, professional brochures, or cheap custom business cards made up, you need to ask the business prints service these questions before finalizing the project, since they could wind up saving you a ton of money.

If you know any other questions worth asking, feel free to share in the comments. Visit here for more information.

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