How Professional SEO Services Can Improve Exposure

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The old days of using phone books and traveling from store to store to find a single product are dwindling more and more everyday. The ease of use that the internet and technology as a whole offers is too much to pass up. However, with the expanding market of e-commerce, staying prevalent in the ocean of online merchants can be challenge.

Currently an estimated 61% of internet users around the globe use online reviews and forums as their main source for researching products. The majority of these people will likely search on multiple websites to assure they are getting reliable information. But to be one of those sources, showing up on search results is a necessity.

Lets face it, it is pretty rare that any of us end up moving beyond the font page of Google’s search results. Professional SEO services can help craft a website around factors that can raise one’s standing on search results.

Through the strategic use of keywords and phrases that are associated with your products or services, customers researching those subjects will find your website much quicker and easier. Understanding how Google’s algorithm functions is imperative to search engine optimization techniques. Forming a plan around it can substantially move a website further up onto search results.

SEO leads have a close rate of approximately 14.6%, while outbound leads that utilize methods such as print advertising or direct mailing have a close rate of around 1.7%. Professional SEO services can offer substantially quicker closes on deals than other forms of advertising.

Now that even local searches are all conducted online, reaching potentially regular consumers can bring a huge boost to business. An estimated 50% of all mobile searches are used to find local results. These searches are usually conducted quickly with even less chance of users scrolling past the first few search results. Because 61% of these searches result in purchases, lacking in local SEO tools could cost a company more business.

Using professional SEO services to assist your website in gaining traffic is becoming increasingly essential to thriving in the internet marketplace. If customers can’t easily reach you online, they may never hear of you at all. To learn more, read this.

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