How to Create a Brand Through Custom Packaging

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Branding is an age-old concept in the world of business: almost 30% of the world’s 100 most valuable brands were developed before 1900. But you don’t need a historic product packaging or other form of branding; you can start building your own at any time. All you need are inbound marketing services, product packaging designers, and other services to help you create a custom packaging design that is perfect for you and your company.

The main benefit of the most popular type of branding, product label design, is incredibly popular and effective. Studies show that even simplistic custom packaging designs will attract customers to products, and a strong corporate branding image can boost stock value by 5 to 7 percent. One of the most popular and best examples of this is the Coca Cola company, which uses excellent, historic images and large advertisement campaigns to regularly draw in excellent profit margins. Therefore, if you want your company to be successful, one of the first things you should do to brand your company is focus on your retail packaging design. For the best results, consider hiring a packaging design company to give you tips on package design inspiration.

Another way to create a strong brand image for your company is to build a strong web presence. Make sure your business has a website, and that the website is a well-designed, easy to use source of information for your customers to use. In April 2013, studies showed that the median wait time for a website to load was 2.078 seconds; talk to an ecommerce website design company to make sure your website will load as quickly as the average, if not quicker. Better yet, talk to ecommerce web design services to discuss optimizing your website for mobile use, and other options that will appeal to modern customers.

If you want to brand your company, don’t worry: it’s not too late to start building a company image. Contact an ecommerce development company and a product packaging design company to begin discussing better websites and custom packaging design today.

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