How to Optimize Printer Usage

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Since 2009, the ink manufacturing business in the United States has seen an annual growth rate of 6.9%. As a result, it is now often easier than ever to find printing supplies, from ink cartridges to printer toner, that last longer, waste less product, and maximize your printer usage. However, with so many products available, it can be difficult to determine which product is right for your printer. Below are some tips to help you find the best ink and printer toner cartridges for you.

The first thing you should consider before buying ink and printer toner cartridges is the type of printer you have, as certain products are designed for specific types of printers. For example, HP produces special HP ink cartridges and toner, such as HP LaserJet Dual packs, which allow customers to save up to 37% more with three times the print volume over standard cartridges. Likewise, original HP ink and toner cartridges are designed to reduce reprints, preventing the unnecessary use of paper, toner, and ink. However, in contrast, solid ink printers do not use cartridges, but produce up to 90% less waste than laser products and exhibit approximately 17% lower Cumulative Energy demand, as well as 13% less Global Warming Potential. By buying the products recommended for your printer, or possibly even switching to a different type of printer, you have the potential to maximize your printing capabilities.

The second thing you should try to reduce printer waste is consider the type of products you are using. High-yield ink cartridges, for example, have more ink and therefore reduce printing costs, averaging about 3.4 cents for black ink and 10.4 cents for four colors per page. Additionally, switching from third-party ink and toner for printers to high quality supplies can optimize printer performance as a whole: 66% of all printer users report various problems while using substandard supplies.

Finally, to save money and maximize your printing capabilities, recycle your used supplies instead of wasting money on refilled toner cartridges and ink refills. Studies show that 72% of tested refilled ink cartridges failed during use or out of the box, making it likely that the purchase will be a waste. Comparatively, HP has recycled more than 250 HP print cartridges around the world since the HP Planet Partners program began in 1991, thereby reducing the environmental impact of their products.

With such a high variety, choosing the best ink and printer toner cartridges for your printer isn’t always an easy task. However, by researching the best printers and products for your printers, as well as recycling your used products, you can not only save money and maximize printer usage, but also reduce your environmental impact. Follow these tips and see how your printing budget and capabilities change!

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