What Are Some Of The Strangest — and Most Successful — Billboard Ads?

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“Seventy-one percent of us ‘often look at the messages on roadside billboards (traditional and digital combined) and more than one-third (37%) report looking at an outdoor ad each or most of the time they pass one,'” according to The Arbitron National In-Car Study and Business Insider. In other words, if you do not invest in quality advertising banners, outdoor advertising signs, and/or digital and offset printing services for billboards, you are losing profits. What are some of the strangest — and most eye-catching billboards — of all time?

An Edible, Chocolate Billboard (It’s Not Too Good To Be True!)

“The world’s first edible chocolate billboard didn’t last long, as it was consumed by shoppers within three hours of going up,” Oddee explains. The all-chocolate billboard, erected in London by a British chocolate company, “was 14.5 feet by 9.5 feet and was made from 10 chocolate bunnies, 72 giant chocolate eggs and 128 chocolate panels,” Oddee continues.

You Can Re-Purpose Items For Billboards, Too

Best Buy added its own, unique spin to traditional banners and signs by using recycled materials to get its point across on one unforgettable billboard. The company arranged old televisions, computers, VCRs, and more in a compelling advertisement and billboard in Time Square, asking consumers to recycle their old electronics.

McDonald’s Builds A Giant Sundial

You don’t always need to tack on more materials to make a billboard or outdoor advertisement with digital and offset printing eye-catching and profitable. McDonald’s, for example, designed a giant sundial with the help of ad agency Leo Burnett. The billboard, “placed in Chicago, features a real sundial whose shadow falls on a different breakfast item each hour until noon, when the shadow of the McDonald’s arches are dead center,” Oddee writes.

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