Off-Site Security Monitors May Be Front Line in Prevention of Employee Fraud

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Closed-circuit television is becoming increasingly popular among businesses that want to reduce and prevent internal theft and fraud. Experts say that the cost of not having a security system far outweighs any initial expenditures on hardware and on personnel to monitor security cameras. With the cost of employee fraud estimated at considerably more than $20 billion yearly, having video security is increasingly viewed as a necessary expense.
Most internal security systems are programmed for remote access: much like a homeowner can see their garage from their living room, a business owner should have the capacity to view their office or factory cameras from anywhere in the world. Some closed-circuit television security companies also provide off-site monitoring; a range of security solutions are available for businesses looking to upgrade their safety and to minimize internal fraud.
Experts report that the installation of a reliable video surveillance system can drastically reduce theft. An added benefit, they say, is the rise in employee productivity when they feel secure and protected on the job. Many workers report that having a secure building can be as attractive as a benefits package when it is time to decide whether to take another job or to stay at the same company long-term.
The advent of “cloud computing” simply means that often, data is stored off-site. As a corollary, businesses can engage with “cloud-connected” security companies that are able to monitor conditions at the office or at the factory around-the-clock, seven days a week. Even if the monitoring headquarters are in another state or time zone, security officers are able to use their telephone systems to contact local authorities, should the need arise.
The cost of installing an internal security system with the necessary personnel and hardware upgrades should be offset by the avoidance of potential employee theft and fraud, experts say. A closed-circuit television system, given recent advances in computer and television technology, should have a resolution of at least 720 pixels. The cost of fraud is considerable — some estimates put the yearly total closer to $40 billion — but business owners are using newer technology in an attempt to eliminate it altogether.

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