Office Design Trends to Watch Out for in 2020

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Designing an office is no small task. There is furniture to consider, space, lighting, usability, and much more. And above layout, you’ll need to think about how your office design will affect the workflow and productivity of your workers. Design trends for 2019 saw pops of color and combining the old with the new. Coming into 2020, there are quite a few new trends that you can look at while designing your office space.

In this article, we’ll talk about some of the top office design trends this year that will make your office not only beautiful to look at but also help your workers be as productive as possible.


It seems like each year, the look and definition of “modern” changes. But one thing that doesn’t change, the trend each year to achieve a modern look in an office space.

Modern office space in 2020 is characterized by a lot of open space and natural light combined with simplistic and sleek furniture. A huge benefit of having a modern office design is that the simple, clean elements allow for a professional look even in a limited space or with a small budget. To achieve a modern look in your office space, start by taking everything to the basics. Starting with a fresh white wall and clean wood flooring makes a big difference. You’ll also want to consider creating flexible workstations for your employees to have a variety of areas to work solo or meet and collaborate with other team members.

Another big part of modern office design is having everything very organized and clean. Investing in storage that doesn’t create a cluttered or bulky look is key. Open shelving can be used for simple decor. But when it comes to storing paperwork, electronic accessories, and other office supplies, simple drawers and cupboards that match your other furniture will help you maintain a clean, professional environment.



While modern looks are very popular in office spaces this year, there’s also a special place for the retro and older statement pieces. A retro look can often give a more warm, homey feel to office space, something that could benefit workers and clients alike.

One of the biggest trends lately has been mid-century modern furniture and decor. While the trend has really taken off in home decor, it’s making it’s way into office design this year. Mid-century modern furniture is an adaption of the style of the design seen in the 30s to the 60s. It’s characterized by clean lines, simple design, and lots of skinny peg legs on furniture. This look can be achieved in office space by starting with some of the basic pieces, like a beautiful desk, and branching out to other decor items from there.

You can also go for a slightly less obvious retro look in your office by using some statement pieces that give a nod to the vintage. For example, a great vintage chandelier as a focal point can give a warm, older vibe to a big area. Brick walls and a “worn” look on furniture pieces also give off a retro or vintage feel without losing any of the aesthetics of your office space. Having a retro office doesn’t mean that people feel like they’ve stepped back in time when they walk in, although if that’s your companies brand, run with it!


Sustainability may seem more like a lifestyle choice than a trend for office design, but thanks to a lot of different decor options, the two can go hand in hand. Not only will a sustainable office design have a positive impact on your carbon footprint, but it can also positively impact your budget.

The first and most simple option for more sustainable office space is to add greenery. Plants do a lot more than make an office look pretty, they can clean toxins out of the air and make your office space a better place for everyone

While striving to design a sustainable office space, you’ll also want to look into the technology you use for light and air. There is a huge variety of green lighting options, including solar energy, energy-efficient, lightbulbs, or even just using natural light as much as possible. Consider different window types, such as skylights or flooring to ceiling windows. These will let in more natural light and potentially limit your energy use during the day. You’ll also want to consider more energy-efficient air conditioning and heating options that can limit your energy use. Make sure to talk with your property manager before making any huge changes to the office space.

Color Palette


The importance of color in an office is a trend that is not going away this year. In fact, it may be even more important than in years past. Using a monochromatic color palette has been a trend that has increased in popularity and will continue to do so this year. A monochromatic color palette is that that only contains one color but uses many different shades of said color to create variety and points of interest. Whether it’s simply using shades of black and gray paired with white for a clean simple look, or using a bright color like green or yellow, the monochromatic palette can give your office a unified look while still portraying personality.

Another popular trend is to use bright pops of color or patterns paired with neutrals. Using different colors is office spaces has been proven to give off different psychological benefits that can impact workers. For example, yellow can inspire creativity and collaboration. Green is seen as a calming color and is easier to look at which can provide a break for your worker’s eyes as they often look at screens for the majority of the day. Blue has been proven to have a positive impact on productivity.

Cohesive Branding

Another trend this year is matching your branding to the design of your office. Many companies pay a lot of money for their website design to be updated and aesthetically appealing. Why not take the time to make your office match that theme? A clean and simplistic webpage could be echoed with bright clean walls and hardwood flooring paired with simple modular furniture. A dark, moody webpage could mean an office space with rich colors, brick walls, and luxurious furniture.

This trend is especially important for any company that uses their office for client meetings. You want to maintain a cohesive look, one that your clients can match from your branding to your website, to now your office space.

Embrace the Outdoors

While the traditional office space is seen as an indoor cubicle or room, it doesn’t have to always be just that. A flexible workspace that allows for both indoor and outdoor work doesn’t have to require a huge remodel or entirely new real estate option. Many offices have an outdoor balcony or sitting area already on the premises. Some simple changes to these areas can make them a useable workspace, such as adding an awning and installing outdoor outlets for computer charging. Some offices also have rooftop access that could be used to create another outdoor workspace. Talk with a
licensed contractor about how you can transform your preexisting outdoor area into a work-friendly space. You could even consider placing an office container in your open area for a more private workspace.

Having the flexibility for your workers to work indoors, or spend some time in the fresh air will allow them to be more productive and get a change in scenery that will keep their work from plateauing. Research has shown that an average worker is interrupted every 11 minutes and it takes another 25 minutes to get back to the original task. When a worker is struggling to stay focused in their office, an outdoor option can give them the break they need to buckle down and focus on clean scenery. More options in a workspace can also lead to an increase in employee retention and better moods and health.

Stress Relief Spaces

Another big trend this year in office design is to provide spaces for your employees to relieve stress. Employers spend millions of dollars each year in healthcare benefits which covers therapy and medication for anxiety. Not only that, but they’re also suffering when their employers have to take personal or sick days or are less productive at work because of their stress levels. While adding an area for a worker to do anything other than work may seem strange, it can make a huge difference for employees and employers alike.

One trending stress relief option for office spaces is a wellness type of room. For example, a designated gym area for workers, or a yoga studio. Providing this space will not only help your employees to relieve stress, but it will also encourage overall health and wellness for your workers. If you choose to have a gym on your premises, make sure to talk with an attorney that specializes in business law to protect the company in case of accident or injury. Some other trends include providing rec rooms with snack buffets and games like foosball or ping pong. Other offices have even added music rooms for workers to have a quick jam session and get their creativity flowing in a new way. This type of space allows workers to take a break and connect with their coworkers which can lead to collaboration and improved productivity.

Technologically Advanced


With over 30% of the current workforce in America is made up of millennials, having a technologically advanced office space is vital. While technology may not seem like it applies to the design of office space, there are quite a few technological devices that can both add to the decor of your space as well as make some work tasks a little smoother.

Most everyone in your office will have a smart device of some sort, so having technology that allows your workers to control them from their devices is a must. One option is a smart lighting system. This tool not only applies to technology but can make your office even more eco-friendly. Smart lighting allows your workers to easily change the lighting level in their individual workspace. They can raise or dim the lighting and the technology often remembers their preferences, adapting throughout the day and creating one less thing to worry about.

Another more simple technological device that will be a huge asset to your workspace is furniture with outlet access. Whether an employee is working in an open area from their computer and needs a charge or a visiting client needs to plug in their phone, having chairs and tables with outlets and USB ports make day to day work that much easier for all employees alike.

The most important thing to remember when making technological changes in your workplace is to take it slow. While many of your employees may be able to adapt to new technology quickly, you don’t want to make big changes that can alienate other workers.

Hello 2020

This new year has a lot to offer with design trends. You’ll see a lot more simplicity and cleanliness in design. One repeating theme throughout many of the trends seems to be a focus on the employee experience. As you design your office space this year, keep in mind that while having an aesthetically appealing space is important, it just isn’t enough anymore. The combination of beautiful office space and plenty of opportunities for employees to allow their creative juices to flow is the biggest trend of all this year.

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