Painting Options for Those Wondering How Much Home Painting Costs

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Having your home painted removes the imperfections like dents and marks to make the surfaces look clean and refreshed. Using the right paint type protects the surfaces from easy wear and tear, humidity, corrosion, and weather changes. But choosing the correct paint for your home can be challenging. This guide will help you determine your ideal home paint and advise those asking how much will painting my house cost.

1. Oil Paint

Oil painting is a process that involves mixing pigment particles and a medium of drying oil as a binder. Oil painting is the most common project done by local painting contractors. Basically, this paint type has been used in artistic wooden panel painting or canvas. However, it’s ideal for the interior and exterior house walls.

Whether you need to use the oil paint as a primer, undercoat, or finish, it will give the best outcomes. Oil paint gives a smooth and rich finish which is durable and glossy if you want to add aesthetics to your home. This paint is water resistant and easy to clean if rain water splashes on the wall or your pets and children mess up the surfaces.

One of the drawbacks of oil paint is slow drying. It takes around 24 hours to dry, so apply it when you’re less busy at home. For instance, you can apply it during the week days when children are at school and other household members are at work. This will give the surface ample time to dry.

Other than artistic work and wall painting, oil paints are ideal for doors, windows, and metal surfaces. You may be asking how much will painting my house cost. According to The Portrain Flip, oil painting prices depend on several factors. The first one is the painter’s reputation, the second is the size of the painting area, and third is the complexity of work.

2. Electrostatic Paint

Electrostatic painting or powder coating is normally done on metal surfaces. It’s a process that uses a magnetic field to apply paint on metal surfaces and, on rare occasions, some plastic types. As such, if you have balcony grills, flower bed fencing designs using metals, staircase grills, or a grill between the kitchen and the living room, you can paint them using the electrostatic technique.

There is no single paint electrostatic paint, rather, an electrostatic painting company will give you options depending on the surfaces you need painted. For example, you can choose epoxy powder-based electrostatic paint. This paint is ideal for pipes because it’s highly corrosion-resistant. This paint is composed of a resin and a hardener.

Another option is polyester-based electrostatic paint. It contains pigments and binders which are first diluted in a solvent before application. After the application, the liquid evaporates and leaves an adhesion that prevents the paint from fading. This paint is ideal for garden furniture because it prevents them from weather damage.

Hybrid electrostatic paint is another option you can choose for your appliances. Kitchen appliances are prone to surface corrosion and color fading due to moisture. This paint is made of polyester and epoxy which create a very high chemical resistance. Other than the appliances, the paint is ideal for electrical panels.

A qualified industrial painter must do electrostatic paint because it will involve a custom gun painting method. They use a charged gun with a compartment for powder which injects paint with negative or positive charges on the surface. Finally, the surface is heated at around 400 degrees Fahrenheit.

How much will painting my house cost? According to experts, electrostatic painting is charged between $25 to $100 per hour. The overall charges will depend on the painter’s reputation, the size of your grills, and the type of electrostatic paint composition you need.

3. Cement Paint

Cement paint is a water-based paint that is applied to exterior or interior surfaces that are exposed to fluctuating weather conditions. If you have built your house with a rough finish, cement paint is ideal for you. It coats the concrete or bricks to prevent water penetration or collection of much dust.

With that said, cement paint would be ideal for your basement walls. The basement is prone to rainwater and sewage leaks. And adding this paint can bring about a bigger change to this environment. Moreover, you can ask your home painter to add a little decoration, like art to the interior or exterior with this paint.

If you are asking how much will painting my house cost? Cement paint is among the most expensive paints on the market. The rough brick surfaces require more than one coat of cement paint. This can increase the costs, but the paint is durable.

With cement paint, you can paint your concrete floor and surfaces, especially the patios, which are normally exposed to the weather. Moreover, if you plan to do hardscaping, this paint is ideal for your yard because it’s resistant to harsh weather conditions.

4. Anti-Corrosion Paint

If you want to treat your metal furniture or grills, you have another option from the electrostatic painting. As the name suggests, anti-corrosion paint protects the metal surfaces from corrosion. It’s a strong and cost-effective option for steel and iron furniture or grills exposed to air and humidity.

Most winter seasons are harsh for flower bed metal fencing and staircase grills. Further, a metallic gate is also prone to weather. This paint is ideal for protecting your valuable investment. And most outdoor renovations companies come with painters experienced in a wide variety of paints and application methods. So, when hiring a company, check their experience in anti-corrosion paint.

The paint is normally made of a primer consisting of chlorinated paraffin, chlorinated polyethylene, DOP, iron oxide red, zinc chloride, etc. On the other hand, it contains a finish made of similar materials with an addition of titanium pigment and W-327. The preparation process involves mixing the material with a high-pressure reactor and stirring them at a higher speed.

You may be asking how much will painting my house cost. The anti-corrosion application price will vary depending on several factors, like the level of corrosion. Some surfaces will require sanding and treating before applying the ideal paint. Additionally, prices will vary with the local painters.

5. Synthetic Rubber Paint

Synthetic rubber paint is ideal for your home exterior. It’s manufactured by mixing synthetic resins with solvents; later, color pigments are added. Synthetic rubber paint normally works well on plastered surfaces like the outdoor plaster wall. It’s applied in liquid form, and after some time, the volatile constituents evaporate.

Once evaporation occurs, the hard coating acts as a protective layer. One advantage of synthetic rubber paint is that it dries quickly and forms a fine finish with good appeal. This paint is ideal for large exterior areas.

Since this paint is in liquid form, you must hire an experienced exterior house painter to carry out the painting project. An experienced painter will examine the condition of the wall surface and determine whether to apply mechanisms to smoothen it first. Normally, these paints don’t do well in rough surfaces like the bricks.

The major reason it’s not suitable for bricks is because they end up absorbing a lot of paint, leading to increased costs. However, if you ask how much will painting my house cost with synthetic rubber paint use, this paint is affordable because it’s polyvinyl. Polyvinyl is an inexpensive rubber material.

6. Acrylic Emulsion Paint

Acrylic emulsion paint is an ideal option you can take for your interior finishing. It’s used as an additive to the normal paints and varnishes to improve the abrasive resistance. Additionally, it helps resist fungi and algae if your room is moist and also increases washability.

You can hire an interior painting company to paint acrylic emulsion in your kitchen and bathroom to control fungi. However, go for professional services because this paint requires advanced knowledge to apply and come up with an appealing look. Its particle size, distribution when applied, and concentration determine its functionality and workability.

This paint is fast-drying, odorless, non-flammable, and water-resistant. And in case you are asking how much will painting my house cost by using acrylic emulsion paint, it’s much more expensive. Note that you will need other paints for foundation coating so that you can use this paint as the final application. As such, this option is best if you have a budget.

7. Bituminous Paint

Bituminous paint is ideal for interior painting. This is because it’s not resistant to the sun and the sun’s rays. So, you can apply it on interior wooden furniture, interior metallic grills and furniture, pipes, and underwater surfaces. Fortunately, it’s rust-resistant and waterproof.

The paints are made of bitumen or coal tar. The ingredients are dissolved in naphtha or mineral spirits. In some factories, they use nitric acid or sulfuric acid. This paint has good abrasive properties making it durable on various surfaces.

How much will painting my house cost with bituminous paint? Bituminous paint is the least expensive option you can choose for your house interior. Additionally, it’s effortless paint to apply on the brush making the painting job easier. The protective layer and aesthetic look it creates on the surfaces will add value to your home.

8. Whitewash

Whitewash is applied as the final layer after painting. Fortunately, you can use the normal paint as the foundation coat and later design it as a whitewash. Whitewash is what you get after adding more water to a water-based paint. In simple terms, you add water to the paint to form the normal thickness and later make it thinner.

If you had hired the sandblasting business to give your wall surface a unique look, the whitewash will help you retain the original color and the grain texture of the normal paint. For instance, you may have porous surfaces like the wooden cabinets or brick walls in the basement. This thin-layer paint is what you must use to get the rustic vibe in the end.

How much will painting my house cost if I use white whitewash? The cost is very low because you use water based paint with added water to form a thinner paint. You can buy less paint and use it on a larger surface.

9. Enamel Paint

Enamel paint is one of the most expensive paints in the market. So if you are figuring out how much will painting my house cost if I use enamel paint, you must have a budget. Enamel paint is normally oil-based, but you can get some water-based options.

This paint is stain and water-resistant as well as long-lasting. However, it takes longer to dry, just as other oil-based paints. As such, you must keep your children and pets away when you plan to paint your house. Secondly, keep the doors and windows open to allow good air circulation for fast drying.

Enamel paint is ideal for any home building service and painting project. It’s suitable for bathrooms, walls, wooden surfaces and furniture, and metallic furniture and grills. Note that water-based enamel paints are rare and can take longer than 24 hours to dry.

10. Distemper Paint

Distemper may be the right paint for you if you’re figuring out how much will painting your house cost due to the limited budget. It’s better than the whitewash but not ideal for areas where durability and longevity are factors of consideration. Distemper paint will be good for your interior areas with less moisture. Choose areas that are less prone to harsh weather conditions like around the windows and doors.

Distemper paint is a mixture of chalk glue, water, lime, and pigment. To get the matte finish with the paint, add around 600ml of water to 1 kg of the paint and mix them thoroughly. This project may require a professional because you must examine the paint coats at 4 to 6 hours intervals to determine whether to add other coats.

11. Emulsion Paint

With this last option, you get characteristics like fast drying, long-lasting, odor free, weather resistance, alkali resistant, and superb texture. Emulsion paint differs from acrylic emulsion paint with very few properties. However, it also helps control fungi and mildew.

This paint is non-toxic and easy to clean. So, you can use it in an environment with children and pets. While acrylic emulsion paint is suitable for the interior, emulsion paint is good for the interior and exterior. That’s one reason the two differ.

How much will painting my house cost? The cost will be determined by very many factors. Examples are the interior painting company contractors you’ll hire, the type of paint you choose, where you source your paint, and the complexity of the work. Research thoroughly about the painters and different paint stores to learn about the market prices to avoid overspending on your painting project.

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