Selecting an Advertising Agency? What the Best Firms Can Do for Web Design

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Website design ideas and tips

Did you know, according to Marketing Charts, that 69% of marketers in North America say that dynamic, custom content is important to the utility of their website? Of course, that statistic extends to your blog content, but it also extends to web design. If you want to tap into the more than $1 trillion that, according to Forrester Research, is generated every year through eCommerce. Then you need to make sure your website implements the most advanced, most effective website designing tips.

  • Aesthetics
  • According to Search Engine People, aesthetics are extremely important in generating and maintaining web followers. As statistics from Keynote show, 44% of mobile users say they have difficulty navigating websites. By focusing on your layout, you not only improve your website’s aesthetic, but you also make it more usable for all potential customers, mobile or otherwise.

  • Functionality
  • Did you know, according to Econsultancy, that 40% of people will abandon a website if it takes longer than three seconds to load? As Mobile Joomla points out, webpage bounce rates climb to 100% if a webpage takes longer than four seconds to load. If you want to reduce load times and generate more customers, then you need to focus on building a website that loads quickly. In short, you need to implement website development tips that make your page more functional. As writes, reducing load times and increasing utility can be as simple as reducing the size of images and limiting the variation in fonts used on your site.

  • SEO
  • As any web advertising agency can tell you, professional website designers and SEO professionals no longer work in two separate fields. As MOZ writes, learning to optimize certain markers in your website development can go a long way in improving your SEO efforts. For instance, writing an engaging meta-description for your webpage can go a long way in getting noticed.

You Don’t Need to Do It Alone
While many businesses are able to implement these website advertising tips in-house, many more are struggling to get by. Selecting an advertising agency that can implement these traffic and revenue growing techniques is crucial to your success on the web. Imagine, when selecting an advertising agency, you are making the choice to return focus to the parts of the business that you’re best at, while your full service ad agency takes care of the rest.

Smart web design is a crucial part of any successful web marketing campaign. Whether you decide to go it alone or start the process of selecting an advertising agency, improving your web design will only improve your business. Find out more at this site.

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