Three Common HR Problems That HRMS Software Can Solve

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As any business knows, or should know, the most important part of survival is your employees. Subsequently, as America’s Job Exchange points out, learning how to show your gratitude and respect for your workers, how to meet their needs, and how to effectively manage them to their best potential is crucial to their happiness, as well as your own. However, as many human resources departments have learned, even the best made plans often go awry. Human error, unforeseen circumstance, and more can often get in the way of a healthy, vibrant work environment.

The Three Most Prevalent HR Problems

  1. Payroll Errors
  2. As The Houston Chronicle writes, some of the most damaging human resources mistakes that can be made have to do with payroll. Properly paying people for holiday work and overtime, giving them earned vacation time, and making sure all of it is delivered to them on time can be a real headache. Unreliable accounting software and human error are most often to blame here. With 76% of Americans living paycheck to paycheck, according to ABC News, your employees can’t afford a delayed check, and neither can your company.

  3. Hiring, Firing, and Everything In-between
  4. The Washington Post points out that many of the biggest HR problems come from an inability to properly document hiring, firing, and everything in-between. Old-style paper filing systems, a source of more than 9.3 hours wasted per week, per employee, according to Bloomfire, result in important HR documentation being lost and hiring/firing mistakes being made.

  5. Policy and Training
  6. According to Investopedia, American businesses spend an average of $1200 per year, per employee on training costs. By requiring HR professionals to spend their time training other employees, not only is their time and wage wasted but so, too, is the trainee’s.

How HRMS Software Can Help
HRMS, human resource management system, solutions, as defined by, are a type of HR software that seeks to combine online accounting software, employee self service, and filing ability all into one suite. With online accounting software, payroll information can be input, saved to multiple locations through secure cloud-based mirrors, and checks properly dispersed to employees.

HRMS solutions allow for employee self service by giving clients a way to set up training terminals. Instead of having to seek out an HR employee, employees requiring training can visit any computer with HRMS applications installed, granting them access to policies, training material and more. Further, since the best HRMS suites include easy filing and organization software, those 9.3 hours that were once wasted during the week on trying to find data, can be better put to use.

Clearly, HRMS software, whether it’s the included online accounting software or otherwise, can go a long way in improving the health of any business. Whether yours is a SMB or an enterprise-size company, HRMS software might be the solution you’ve been looking for.

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