Telecom Cost Management Initiatives Can Cut Wireless Spending in Half!

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Cell phone usage has increased from 34 million users to 203 million users in the United States during the past decade. These days, people do not just make calls on their cell phones. They also text and surf the internet. In the year 2012, approximately 2.27 trillion text messages were sent in the U.S. alone, and according to Forbes, mobile web traffic makes up 13 percent of all internet traffic. Those numbers are expected to grow in the next ten years.

Corporations have had increased expenses due to mobile devices used by their employees. On average, the cost for corporate voice services vis a vis cell phone in the United States is $41.10 per month per user, and the average company cost for texting and data usage in the U.S. is $31.06 per user each month. That adds up to a huge amount of money shelled out by companies for employee cell phone use. Such companies ought to have telecom cost management protocols in place in order to diminish costs. Many financial experts are recommending the use of such telecom cost management regulatory services.

One important aspect of telecom cost management is conducting a wireless audit. There are a number of wireless auditing tools available to corporations that can help management figure out where costs can be cut. Conducting a thorough audit should make it possible for your organization to put in place targeted telecom cost management regulations. These regulations will make it relatively easy to track telecom cost management expenditures. Once these expenditures can be tracked, it should be possible to eventually decrease your wireless costs over time.

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