What Are Plastic Injections Used For?

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In 1872, John Wesley Hiatt and his brother, Isaiah, patented the first ever plastic injection molding machine. Today, nearly 150 years later, the plastic injection molding process is used in a number of different areas in the manufacturing industry. In short, the plastic injection molding process makes the creation of a number of different products exceptionally easy and possible.

The need for mass production of products during the second World War spiked the popularity of plastic injection molding in manufacturing. Injection molding products like toothbrushes became easier and cheaper to mass produce, and tool manufacturers benefitted greatly from the creation and widespread use of plastic injection molding components.

With plastic injection molding, sometimes glass reinforced resins are used to increase durability. Typically, plastic injection molding machines are highly versatile and allow for the creation of a vast array of products. For instance, toothbrush handles are one of the many products made through the process of plastic injection molding.

At the end of the day, the manufacturing industry has become a giant part of the American economy, and a part of the world’s economy as well. Because companies are able to mass produce so many products through the use of plastic injection molding, everyone benefits. People are able to get higher quality products and companies are able to mass produce products cheaper and of higher qualities.

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