The Top 3 Questions about PPC Marketing, Answered

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The best way to bring qualified visitors to your company’s website is to improve your rankings on search engines through a process called search engine optimization. But if your organic SEO company isn’t providing results quickly enough, you may want to look into supplementing SEO efforts with a pay-per-click campaign. Here’s what you need to know about this marketing tactic, summed up in three simplified answers to the most common PPC-related questions:

  1. What Is PPC?

    PPC refers to a pricing model in which you only pay each time your ad or link is clicked on, no matter how many times it is displayed or viewed. There are a few different platforms for PPC ads, but by far the most popular ones today are based on search engines. These ads are displayed as paid results at the top of Google and other search engines.

  2. What’s the PPC Process?

    On Google, PPC ads are managed by Google AdWords, so it’s the basis for most PPC campaigns. Basically, this program allows a business (or PPC management company hired by a business) like yours to bid on certain keywords so that their ads will show up whenever a user types in a query including that keyword. The more popular a keyword is, the more it will cost.

  3. Can I Handle PPC Myself?

    One of the biggest reasons that companies hire PPC campaign management services, rather than trying to cover this process themselves, is that it’s very important to pick the right keywords if you want to maximize your return. PPC management services typically cover not only the bidding process, but also ongoing analysis of which keywords are performing the best.

    Some markets are so saturated that there are very few keywords worth paying high prices for. But bidding on a lower-cost keyword won’t do any good if it’s ultimately irrelevant to the product or service your company offers; users might click on your link, but they’ll immediately go elsewhere if you’re not selling what they want to buy. PPC management pricing differs, but in general it’ll probably be worth it, since you’ll see a higher return on your investment.

Keep in mind that a top online marketing company will typically offer search engine optimization in addition to PPC campaign management services — and hiring an all-in-one digital marketing company can be beneficial when it comes to balancing these efforts. Which has paid off more for your company, PPC or organic SEO? Share in the comments.

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