Three Signs That Your Pharmacy Needs an Updated POS System

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Does your pharmacy need an updated POS system? If you really aren’t sure, here are a few warning signs that your business is in desperate need of a tech update, and that your point of sale system is the first place to start:

  • Your shelves are empty and you have trouble keeping certain items stocked. Inventory management is one of the most important features of any good retail pharmacy POS system, and the advanced inventory management features that come with newer pharmacy POS systems can perform tasks like sorting through vendor prices and alerting you when certain items need to be reordered.

  • You want to create a customer loyalty program, but you don’t know how to start. One of the most common problems that small, independent pharmacies face is simply being able to compete with big chain stores that offer lots of coupons and customer rewards programs; it surprises many pharmacy owners just how much customers are swayed by good rewards programs. With a POS system designed specifically for small pharmacies, you’ll have access to programs that can accommodate rewards programs without being so expensive that your pharmacy ends up losing money.

  • Transactions are slow and customer waiting lines are long. This is tell-tale sign that your POS system needs to be updated. Again, it’s surprising just how impatient customers can be when they’re waiting to purchase an item. When you’re running a small pharmacy, the time it takes to conduct a sale isn’t entirely dependent on the actual transaction itself — there are many other steps that your staff takes, especially when providing prescription medications or over-the-counter controlled substances, to ensure safety. When you don’t have to wait around for a slow cash register to process a sale, you can devote more time to answering patient questions and ensuring product quality.

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