Three Tips for Avoiding a Romeo and Juliet SEO Tragedy

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If Shakespeare were alive today, he might say: “SEO, thou art more elusive than a day off work, and nowhere near as relaxing.” What is SEO, exactly, when it comes to your business? SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. If you want to see your company’s website perform better in search results, this is something you’ll need to adopt.

Getting a high ranking for your website can often be a bit of a Romeo and Juliet love story — you’re always so close, yet so far away, and there are so many things that could potentially get in the way. Your SEO doesn’t have to end in tragedy, though. Here are three tips for having a successful approach to SEO marketing services.

1. Designing a Website is Half the Battle

Would Romeo have fallen in love with Juliet if he hadn’t seen her beauty during the ball — short lived though the ball was? We may never know. Similarly, your potential customers won’t have the opportunity to fall in love with your products or services if your web page fails to help connect them. A great website is like a beautiful dress and a conducive meeting place at the same time. It helps guide the viewer to their destination quickly, as well as reassure them that your business is secure and professional.

2. SEO Marketing Services are the Sun

Why should you be courting SEO services? It’s not enough to simply be online anymore. At least 40% of your traffic will likely come through search results, and Google, the largest search engine on the market, fields billions of inquiries each week. Good SEO marketing companies help build campaigns for you that connect your website with quality content relating to keywords and terms for your site. Bad SEO will not look so sunny and merry — be wary of anyone who offers “great SEO” that isn’t written by native english speakers, for example. How is that content going to be high-quality?

3. Parting is Sweet Sorrow

After consumers leave your website — or even before they get to it — are there other ways to keep in touch? Make sure that your social media websites are up and running, and that they can provide information as well as offer a way for customers to engage with you. Social media marketing companies can also make sure that customers are continually reminded of what you have to offer so that your conversation with them is ongoing, and not just a one time point-of-sale.

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