What Is CT Scanning And How Can It Benefit My Company?

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Ct part calibration scan

Industrial CT scanning inspection services can help reduce new product inspection and failure analysis costs from 25 to 75 percent compared to other technology, and it keeps improving rapidly. Years ago it could take many hours to generate just a few single CT slices, but now it is possible to do a complete three dimensional (3D) model with billions of voxels in seconds. This creates an opportunity for using CT scanning for new applications such as 3D metrology, rapid prototyping, 3D reverse engineering, and much more.
What Is Industrial CT Scanning?
A computerized tomography (CT) scan uses a computer takes information from X-ray images of structures located inside an animal or human’s body and transforms them into images on a monitor. Tomography generates a two-dimensional image of a slice of a three-dimensional object CT was invented by Godfrey Hounsfield, a British engineer of EMI laboratories, and by Allan Cormack, a physicist of Tufts University, and they were eventually awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for their contributions to science and medicine.
Why Should I Use Industrial CT Scanning Inspection Services?
CT scanning services are a great tool for either detecting flaws in a part, determining the cause of failure in a product, or reassembling an item. It will give you access to the innards of an item without having to disassemble it or worry about damage being caused to the item. CT will analyze dimension, wall thickness, porosity, assembly defects, and other information of an object, which can then be compared to other data in order to find the flaw of the object.
Industrial CT scanning inspection services can be extremely helpful to a company in finding flaws in their products before they leave the building and without the need for disassembly. It will provide images to compare with models in order to create the perfect product. This can greatly reduce inspection costs.

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