Which Benchtop Spectrometer Is Right For My Lab?

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Spectrometers are common items in many industrial processes as they are used in monitoring the accuracy during a production. The need to test this accuracy is mainly based on the type of industrial process taking place. The good thing about spectrometers is that they can typically test everything. They can work perfectly with plastic, metals, paper and fabrics. In just almost any industry, lab specialists and quality management professionals use spectrometers to ensure that the color of the final product is consistent with the expected output. Of course this kind of testing would be challenging under normal circumstances. When choosing a low field nmr spectrometer, a common challenge that people tend to encounter is knowing the right unit to use for different applications. In most cases, you can either have a portable nmr with the ability of being carried around on the palm of your hands. Such spectrometers are easy to move around with but at the same time not very accurate for heavy industrial applications. You can also have the benchtop nmr spectrometer. Ideally, a benchtop nmr spectrometer that is close to perfect in terms of having the most accurate specifications as well as the color precision. The benchtop nmr spectrometer would be suitable in a busy workplace that runs various industrial applications. The benchtop nmr spectrometer is a little expensive compared to the portable spectrometer leaving many users wondering whether it is a good unit to invest. When determining how to choose, this is how to make the comparison.

Benchtops vs. Portables
When choosing between a benchtop nmr spectrometer and a portable one, there are certain things you need to evaluate so as to make the right choice. The idea is to have a gadget that suits specific needs since buying the wrong spectrometer will only add to your cost for the gadget and a lot of inconvenience. You need to look at the bigger picture when making your choice. If you decide to go with the benchtop nmr spectrometer, ask yourself what influenced your choice and not the smaller gadget. One of the reason why a benchtop nmr would be a preferable choice for many people is because they tend to be very precise and can work with very advanced color specification and strict tolerance. This is something that the smaller portable spectrometer cannot guarantee. For professionals who deal in brad colors, the benchtop nmr is the ideal unit to have as it will lead to the formulation of the right color hence better quality control. The portable spectrometer on the other hand is relatively cheaper and would be ideal for people whose main area of focus is what they are spending on a spectrometer. When making your choice, you need to analyze the functionalities of the gadget and whether it would be reliable for long term use.

What are Spectrometers used for
Spectrometers are used over a wide range of industrial use. There are ways that spectrometers are used that even some quality control experts are aware about. For starters, a spectrometer will be used to measure transmission in different industrial products. Be it laundry detergent, fruit juice or even shampoo fluids, transmission measurement is made possible especially by the more accurate benchtop model. Transmission measurement is done by checking things such as haze and translucence for plastics. Spectrometers are also used to formulate colorants. When you think about it, many industrial applications require a certain degree of specificity for the products used. A deviation from this specifity can affect the entire process and prolong the production period. A good benchtop nmr will assist in color formulation in various production applications. What happens is that the spectrometer is paired with software in the formulation of colorants for paints as well as liquid dyes that are used in the textile industry. Knowing just how important spectrometers are in various industrial applications, there is always the need to know which of the items would be fit for your needs. If for small industrial applications, do not spend too much on an expensive unit in the form of the benchtop nmr spectrometer. However, heavy industrial use also requires a unit that can deliver on the job effectively for the right coloration.

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