Why You Might Use Different Power Cords

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Do you have a business that has multiple data centers? Is it getting increasingly difficult to maintain and organize all the various parts that make them work as they should? The YouTube channel, ShowMeCables, demonstrates C19 C20 power cords and the advantages of color-coding.

We all know the standard black color that most power cords have, but having cords that come in multiple colors comes with multiple advantages.

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The most common use for such cords is using them to identify certain types of equipment. This feature is especially useful in businesses that use multiple servers. Through easy color-coding, accidental disconnections become less and less of a problem.

For example, a red cord can be used for hardware that takes care of firewalls. Or blue cords can be used to identify exchange servers. Even a simple green cord can let technicians know the difference between a coffee pot and a vital server!

Each C20 and C19 power cord features an IEC C20 connector and an IEC C19 connector. They come in blue, green, red, or white colors. Such cords are very useful when servers require C20 connections for their power supplies.

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