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An Interview with Richelle Anderson, Founder and Owner of Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC

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Today, we had the chance to sit down and chat with Richelle Anderson, Founder and Owner of Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC. Richelle was gracious enough to talk to us about how Lighthouse got its start, her own professional journey, and where she sees Lighthouse Web Designs heading in the future.
Richelle, thanks for taking the time to speak with us today. For those who may not have heard of Lighthouse Web Designs, can you give us some background? How and when was the company started, and what is your main focus as a business?%3Cbr%3E
Lighthouse Web Designs was founded in 2007. We specialize in web design and search engine optimization for small and medium sized businesses. While based in the Tupelo, Mississippi area, we work with businesses all over the United States. Our services include: website design, website development, search engine optimization, local search, social media management, email marketing, video marketing, PPC (pay-per-click) advertising, content marketing strategy, and more. Our goal is to be a one-stop shop for all of your business’s online needs.
Specializing in so many things certainly makes Lighthouse a marketable business, but I can’t help but think about how much time you had to put in to training yourself for each of those related but definitely different areas. Do you have a background in web design and marketing?%3Cbr%3E
I learned HTML in 1996 and worked in online marketing since 1997. After laying it down for a few years, I [became] certified in web design and website development in 2007 and opened Lighthouse Web Designs. After opening, we saw a high demand for search engine optimization services, and I became certified in advanced search engine optimization and local search. I come from a customer service background, which, I believe, set us apart from most due to the level of service we offer our clients. They love the fact that they aren’t dealing with a sales person, they are dealing with the person that will be designing and developing their website.
Your personalized approach to web design is certainly novel, and it seems to be paying huge dividends. With that being said, where do you expect these successes to lead you in the future? Do you have a five or 10 year plan you’re hoping to follow?%3Cbr%3E
My goal for the company is to grow to about five employees. I do not ever want to get so big that we lose the element that sets us apart from most web design firms that have a sales person that sells the service and then hands it off to someone else. With us, if you sell it you manage it. This ensures that what is being promised is being delivered.
Richelle Anderson is Founder and Owner of Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC. If you’d like more information on Lighthouse Web Designs, LLC., please visit, or contact the company by phone at (662)553-4777. Locals interested in professional web services can visit the Lighthouse team offices at 1020 North Gloster Street #160 Tupelo, MS.

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The Best Internet Marketing Strategies

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The best internet marketing strategies can help most businesses, even small businesses. Good marketing is often about visibility, rather than competing with other businesses for the most novel catch phrase or advertizing campaign. The internet is a tremendous marketing and visibility medium, but it operates differently when compared with traditional print advertizing media. The best internet marketing strategies are often fairly removed from traditional marketing strategies.

More than 60% of small businesses do not even have a website. Using the internet for marketing at all is a great improvement over ignoring a medium that nearly all consumers now use to find businesses. If you do not have any web design skills, Continue Reading No Comments

Keep Your Computers Up to Speed Through Managed Computer Services

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Approximately 60% of Americans state that their computers are not maintained as well as they would like. Many companies also state that their computers are not maintained at a level that gives them prime performance.
When computers are not properly maintained they often run slower that they should and may not last as long. The average lifespan of a desktop computer is five years in the United States. Through proper maintenance and repair, a computer can last an average of three years longer.

Through managed computer services, you or your business can receive the services that will keep your computer systems up and running in an optimal fashion. For instance, a slow computer can go faster if it is regularly defragmented. Managed computer services can make sure that all your computers are regularly defragmented.