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Why Local SEO Services Are More Important than Ever

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Seo branding strategy

Previously reserved mostly for mom-and-pop shops, local SEO services are now benefiting all businesses. Google?s ?Pigeon? update led to an increase in the important of local SEO. This has created an emphasis on marketing for business owners everywhere, no matter the size or industry. Here?s why local SEO services have gained momentum and will most likely continue to do so in coming years:

  1. Google digs local.

    Google has shown a long record of showing preference towards newer and smaller companies. As a company, Google aims to give small businesses a chance to gain ground without having to invest a lot of money. They regularly offer free tools for busines

‘Wait, What Does That Mean?’ – Defining Today’s Most Popular Web Marketing Buzzwords

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Pay per click santa clara

If you’re just getting started in the world of internet marketing and website design, there may have been some “buzzwords” or jargon that you’ve heard and don’t really understand. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. There are many topics and terms exclusive to the realm of web marketing that can be a bit confusing. We’ve chosen three of the most popular terms to define. Check them out!

  1. Lead Generation
    This marketing tactic?s sole purpose is to develop interest in a product or service. The content is designed to capture the audience?s attention and show the way to the business or webpage. The ?leads? are the sales leads, or contacts/demographic information of a customer. By utilizing leads, a business hopes to turn those contacts into customers and generate sales. In the wo

The Best Tool in Your Non Destructive Test Arsenal

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Cone beam computed tomography

If you work in an industry that requires error-free quality control and/or is due for a top to bottom inspection, you’re probably in the process of overhauling your assembly analysis methodology. One option you have is reverse engineering, but taking apart one prototype to check for malfunction hazards doesn’t guarantee the entire product line is error free, plus it’s expensive.
Luckily, technology has already caught up to your needs in the form of 3D imaging options. Now, x-ray inspections are possible thanks to computerized tomography scans.
What is a computerized tomography scan?
CT scanners (Also known as CAT scanners), are highly powerful x-ray machines that