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Protect Your Data with Managed IT Services

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Tampa managed it services

Do you currently have managed IT services, or are you handling everything in-house? You may want to consider the benefits of outsourcing some of these services. When you outsource IT services, it can save you time, money, and provide increased security.

Some companies may choose to have the following managed IT services:

    Customer relationship management applications
    Data backup and recovery
    Email hosting
    Network monitoring

On a weekly basis in the United States, there are 140,000 hard drives that crash. Without proper storage options, this could mean a considerable amount of lost data. Many businesses, approximately 59%, indicated that they only have back-up storage in one location.

Using managed IT services, however, can store

Former Military CandidatesHiring the Best

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Biometrics positions

When former military candidates are released from the armed forces, one of the obvious things they need to address as soon as they can is employment. While in the service individuals train for the career of their choice, while also spending time training for combat. Career training enables them to work within the military at a trained position, while preparing them for civilian life.

There exist now any number of agencies formed specifically to assist former military candidates in finding work once they come home. Most of these agencies have been created, and are run by, former military personnel in corroboration with members of the corporate world who work at helping people to find jobs. The difference between these types of agencies and the typical employment agency is that these will

8 Tips for Finding the Right Hotel Property Management System

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Hospitality management software systems

The international hotel industry is an influential one. It has been estimated to bring in revenues of between $400 and $500 billion each year.In 2016, this industry was forecasted to bring in $550 billion. Nearly one third of the international hotel industry profits are from the United States. One way that many hotels are able to get and stay profitable is with the use of the appropriate property management system hotel. Here are some ways to get the best hotel management software for your business.

  1. Pick the right vendor. The better your relationship is with the vendor who supplies your property management system hotel, the better. This is important because if you have any issues with your Continue Reading No Comments