Making the Most of Your Social Media

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Social media is a very powerful tool to help businesses market their work and products. It is used by at least 93% of marketers. Blogging is seen as helpful by at least 95% of small businesses. Facebook is one of the most influential sites. It is seen as the most influential social media site by 47% of Americans. Businesses who know this may look for marketing tips to increase sales.

Social Media Sales and Marketing Tips

  1. Tailor your message to your audience and platform. It is crucial to know your audience and what they are interested in. You should do some research into what they want to read about and write about it. In terms of platforms, like other types of marketing campaigns, you need to match your message to the method with which you transmit it. People use different social media sites for different reasons. Similarly, posts have a different lifespan on the various platforms. A Facebook post lasts longer than a Twitter update. You need to test, test and test some more to see how your audience responds to your messages as they appear on the different sites.
  2. Learn when your audience is most active and post then. If your Twitter followers are active during the middle of the workday, posting at midnight or on the weekends is a waste of time. One of the common marketing tips to increase sales is to go where your customers are. Of the different types of marketing strategies, this is one of the most tried and true methods. There are a lot of tools online to help you measure when you should use your social media channels
  3. Do not neglect your email list. With the large list of social media channels available to you, it is easy to forget that people still use email. When giving marketing tips to increase sales, many marketers will recommend a company grow their email list. Make sure it is easy for people to sign up for it on your website. Use it regularly but do not spam people. You have to walk a bit of a fine line between sending too frequently and not enough. If you send too often, you can be annoying. If you do not send enough, your customers may forget about you. Also, ask people to pass your newsletter with their network. Make the process interactive by giving people a reason to read and share your content.
  4. Test your progress with simple A/B testing. One of the nearly universal marketing tips to increase sales is the A/B test. This is also called split testing. This is where two versions of something are compared against each other to give companies an idea as to which one resonates more with customers or clients. It is one of the best ways to see what type of marketing campaign is working and what is not working. This is especially useful for web design.
  5. Using search engine optimization is not enough. Peppering your text with certain keywords is free but it just is not enough to get the work out to the world about your company. At the end of the day, sometimes it is really wise to bite the bullet and pay for more people to hear about you and visit your site. Social media experts often list paying to promote posts on Facebook as one of their marketing tips to increase sales..

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