What Is an Electronics Manufacturer?

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The electronics manufacturing industry is growing rapidly. In fact, Approximately $634.8 billion worth of trade of products and services occurred between the United States and China in 2019 according to ITI Manufacturing. But, electronic manufacturers are constantly trying to improve their manufacturing services. Keep reading to learn what an electronic manufacturer is.

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Electronics manufacturers design, assemble, produce, and test electronics, their components, and circuit boards.

Depending on the company and project, there are different levels of automation that electronic manufacturers can use. For companies that produce large quantities of the same product, automated manufacturing is typically used, but for companies that produce smaller quantities of the same product or specialize in prototypes, it makes more sense time and cost-wise to assemble products manually.

There are three classifications of electronics manufacturers; low volume, medium volume, and high volume. Low volume is typically prototyping but includes companies that manufacture small quantities like less than 100 products annually. Medium volume companies produce up to 10,000 products annually, and high volume companies produce over 10,000 products annually.

Not all of our electronics are manufactured by china manufacturing companies, many of our electronics are manufactured in the US. Watch the video above to learn more about electronics manufacturing.


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