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Using Software Vulnerability Management Tools for Enhanced Data Security for Your Business

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Software vulnerability assessment tool

If you run or manage a business, one of the things that should ideally occupy one of the top positions in your list of priorities is a security and safety. Businesses routinely deal with quite a lot of data which can be considered to be sensitive. This can include information about customers, and also sensitive internal information about your business which might damage your business prospects in the event of any kind of security breach. A lot of the software interface that you use can be exploited by people with harmful intent to hack into your information databases and repositories, and this can leave you exposed to the threat of data theft. This is the reason why all of the software that you use needs to be vetted for Continue Reading No Comments

How Fiber Optic Cables Are Transforming the Internet

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Internet service

With 3.77 billion internet users around the world as of 2017, it’s no longer a question of having access to the internet, but of speed and bandwidth. From college students to large corporations, our reliance on the internet for information, workspace and entertainment is nearly complete. Internet services are essential tools for every business, and having a reliable, speedy connection can affect productivity and the bottom line. Fiber optic services are transforming the worlds of work and entertainment with high speeds and bandwidths.

A connected world
Over half of the world’s population is now connected to the internet. In the U.S. almost three people out of four have internet access, as of 2015. This percentage will increase over time. Fiber optic cables are the workhorses

Is Your Company Looking for Database Management Services?

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Database administration services

The research is helpful. So helpful, in fact, you are not sure how you managed to do your job before you had this detailed information. The process of gathering this information, however, is complicated. And for these reasons you have contracted with database administration services professionals to help maintain the information that you find so valuable.
A number of server consulting services (SQL) are available to serve as database administration services, so it is important to SQL database designers and SQL database administrators to understand what your contract will provide. Left to their own database management and storage solutions, many companies simply do not so achieve all that they should.