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Are You Having Connectivity Challenges?

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Computer network maintenance

Getting more seats at the table is the goal.
After your team finished the data storage center tour, the group of 15 high school girls joined in the conference room for lunch and a question and answer session. And while you thought that you may not have done a clear enough job explaining the purpose of your company’s mission. The question about how to get more seats at the table was an indicator, though, that at least one of the high school visitors understood what you had explained. In your talk about customers, you explained that basically your data storage center is basically like a big table and that the customers by purchasing your services they are buying a seat at your table. When the question about getting more seats was asked, you had an immediate answer. The way to get more seats at

Atlassian Fisheye Equals Teamwork

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Source code repository

As with all businesses, you want your company?s technology to run fast, efficient, and at the most cost-effective bottom line for your company?s financial investment. Atlassian software offers many ways for a company to integrate their IT to run smoother behind the scenes; for teams to be on one platform or multiple platforms at the same time without slowing the system down. Atlassian Fisheye is an advanced browsing and search engine for enterprise teams but also by other companies or nonprofit institutions. Their agile software development brings a company?s technology to its hi

The Current Technology of Magnetic Card Scanners

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Oem scanner

Credit cards, debit cards, and other types of magnetic cards have taken over the United States buying industry. Today, people rarely pull out cash for purchases. Instead, they utilize a card with a magnetic card scanner across the back of it. Magnetic card readers are then used to scan that barcode and send it to the appropriate system. As the use of cards increases, the technology of credit card readers must also keep up.

The contents of a magnetic strip
You might be surprised at the amount of information that a small magnetic strip can hold. Not only do these magnetic strips hold your card number, but they also can store your name, account number, card balance, and other importa