Six Common Types of Communication Towers

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Have you ever wondered how your cell phone works? Wireless mobile communication is now a national necessity; it has long surpassed the need for landline phones. All industries use mobile communication devices of some sort, contributing to the 491 satellite telecommunications providers currently located in the United States.

But what is mobile communication? This type of communication involves any type of contact between two parties using satellite connectivity, towers (of which there are many types of communication towers), and mobile devices.

History of telecommunication:
The first and most historically important use for communi Continue reading Six Common Types of Communication Towers

Finding a Good Marketing Firm is Important; Bad Press Can Create a Stain for Your Company

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Why do you need a responsible internet marketing firm handling your company’s website marketing? In the quickly moving social media world we now live in, every company has an opportunity for good or bad press. Just as good press can help keep your company’s website strongly in the rankings for several months, bad press can create a stain on your marketing campaign that is hard to remove.

This past week, a bad marketing scheme in New Zealand showcased exactly why it is important to have a professional internet marketing firm on the case. Dan Herbinson, owner of a job advertising website, attempted to generate some “buzz” for his business by placing a fake coffin in the Hutt River. He then pos Continue reading Finding a Good Marketing Firm is Important; Bad Press Can Create a Stain for Your Company

What is Negative SEO, and Why Does it Happen?

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Is negative SEO a real thing, or just a rumor? This week, Business2Community decided to tackle this question and get to the bottom of the sasquatchy negative SEO.

So what is negative SEO, before we start talking about whether or not it exists? Well, it’s not something typically done on purpose. Instead, it describes the actions Google will actually take against a website that uses manipulative techniques to alter their search rankings.

Negative SEO Happens When You Don’t Use a Good SEO Company

Of course, the definition of manipulative is, in itself, hard to define. Almost every website that is trying to make money, is also paying to have content added for the sake of improving its search ranking. However, Google generally is looking for very manipulative and — importantly — Continue reading What is Negative SEO, and Why Does it Happen?